Jubilee Cultural Pass Terms and Conditions

Jubilee Cultural Pass Terms and Conditions

The Jubilee Cultural Pass ticket (“Pass”) is issued by Department Culture and Tourism (the “Operator”) and has appointed Experience Hub – Sole Proprietorship LLC (“Experience Hub”) as an official non-exclusive reseller of the Pass. Entry and use of the Pass is subject to the website terms and conditions, the Pass terms and conditions available at www.abudhabiculture.ae/ /https://jubileepass.abudhabiculture.ae/, the respective Sites & Activities’ general terms and conditions and the terms and conditions set out below:


  • The Pass is valid for use from 13 October 2021 to 31 December 2022  (“Validity Period”).


  • The Pass entitles the Pass holder and one adult guest and children below 18 to multiple free entry access, during the Validity Period, to over fifty cultural activities taking place at various cultural sites in Abu Dhabi in celebration of the Year of 50. A full list of cultural sites and activities that may be accessed with the Pass is found on www.abudhabiculture.ae/ https://jubileepass.abudhabiculture.ae/ (“Sites & Activities”).


  • Children below 18 years of age may access the Sites for free and receive a discount on workshops, cultural activities and events when accompanied by the Pass holder. Photo identification and proof of age may be requested by the Sites & Activities, and entry may denied for failure to provide satisfactory photo identification.


  • Use of the Pass is also governed by the Operator’s and the respective Sites & Activities’ visitor rules, available at www.abudhabiculture.ae/ https://jubileepass.abudhabiculture.ae/, the respective official Sites & Activities’ websites and at the respective Sites & Activities’ counters. Latest information and updates can also be found on these channels. Pass holders and their guests who fail to comply with the visitor rules may be denied access without being entitled to a refund of the Pass.


  • In line with UAE Government guidelines and in order to access the Sites & Activities, the Pass holder and their guest aged 16 and above must show:
  • evidence of ‘Green Pass’ status in the Alhosn App; and
  • full ‘vaccinated status’ in Alhosn App (or proof of vaccine exemption in Alhosn app).


  • Vaccinated status/vaccine exemption may only be evidenced via the Alhosn App (this applies to all Pass holders and guests: including tourists and other visitors). The above requirements do not apply to guests aged 15 and younger. A Government issued photo identification must be provided on request as proof of age. The Pass holder and their guest may be denied entry for failure to provide satisfactory photo identification.


  • The Pass holder and their guests must comply with any and all Covid 19 protective and precautionary measures put in place by the Sites & Activities, the Operator and/or the UAE Government, all of which are subject to change in accordance with official guidance and without prior notice, and which include but are not limited to:
  • undergoing thermal scanning prior to entering the Sites & Activities;
  • wearing a proper face mask;
  • adhering to social distancing guidelines; and
  • following all stated precautionary measures and requirements to enter the Sites & Activities

(Please refer to https://visitabudhabi.ae/en/plan-your-trip/covid-safe-travel for the latest rules and regulations).

The Pass holder and their guest may be denied entry for failure to comply with the above or if the maximum occupancy limit has been reached.


  • The Pass is personal to the Pass holder and is non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable. The Pass will be deemed void if tampered with or damaged or altered in any way.


  • The Pass may be used by the Pass holder in electronic form via a smartphone application or may be printed. The Pass barcode is required to enter the Sites and must be scanned for each visit. Alternatively, guests must show their printed Pass.


  • For admission, the Pass will be checked by optical identification of the Pass barcode. Only Passes with a valid, clear and legible barcode will be accepted. Any Pass that is partially printed, soiled, damaged or illegible will not be accepted. For an electronic Pass downloaded via the smartphone application, any smartphone screen that is cracked, damaged or has lighting problems which prevents the barcode from being properly read will be rejected at the time of the admission check. It is prohibited to photograph, film, record or re-broadcast in any way, the barcode that appears on the Pass or to directly or indirectly allow or assist any other person to do so.


  • Following entry, you may be required to show your Pass at any time during a visit.


  • The respective Sites & Activities’ reserve the right to refuse access if presented with a Pass that does not comply with the conditions listed above.



  • Only third parties specifically authorized by the Operator in writing may re-sell or transfer the Pass. Tickets purchased fraudulently or from an unauthorized third party are void.


  • Certain areas, exhibitions, or exhibits within the Sites & Activities may be unavailable, restricted or excluded from the Pass during your visit, at the sole discretion of the Operator or the respective Sites & Activities’.


  • The Operator may amend the list of Sites & Activities (including removal of a cultural site or activity) at any time without notice. The Pass holder should regularly refer to the www.abudhabiculture.ae website / https://jubileepass.abudhabiculture.ae/ for an up-to-date list.


  • The Pass does not guarantee entry to the Pass holder and their guests. The respective Sites & Activities’ may deny entry at their sole discretion.


  • Admission to the Sites & Activities and use of the Pass is at the sole risk of the Pass Holder and their guest and to the maximum extent permitted by law, and neither the Operator nor Experience Hub will accept any liability for loss, injury or damage sustained at the Sites & Activities.